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Earth Goddess
Earth Goddess
P.O. Box 3704
Norwood SA 5067
Ph: 0412 758 800
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About Us

Mary Marko
Mary Marko - Founder, Earth Goddess

I am so glad you have found Earth Goddess. I founded the company in 2007 to create simple and empowering crystal healing jewellery that appeals to the mainstream market.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire you to heal yourself:

  • By helping you to recognise that you can heal yourself and reminding you to follow your intuition
  • By providing you with simple tools to get you started, such as working with crystals
  • By helping to make "spiritual" mainstream
  • With a special emphasis on products and resources for children.

What is different about Earth Goddess?

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach, attention to detail and of course, doing everything with love.


We package Earth Goddess jewellery beautifully for you and provide you with succinct information on the healing benefits of your crystal.  Keep your box by your bed as a reminder of your crystal's healing benefits as well as using it as a lovely place to store your necklace when you are not wearing it. Although when you start wearing your crystal you wont be able to take it off!

Earth Goddess crystals are beautifully gift packaged and can be delivered anywhere.

Crystals cleansed and blessed

Each Earth Goddess crystal has been cleansed and blessed. We also provide simple instructions on how to cleanse your crystal.

One of our key beliefs at Earth Goddess is that healing is an intensely personal thing that we can all accomplish.

We provide our crystals to you blessed.  We also show you how to continue the process yourself; to make sure that you can create your own crystal healing journey.

Our crystals are all cleansed under a full moon and for 4 to 5 days after that in water, or salt water, depending upon the crystal's mineral composition.  We cleanse the unique Australian jade in rock salt.

We bless each type of crystal with a different energy - love, confidence and courage.  We then perform an invocation to light and the triangle symbol over them.

Quality crystals, silver findings and leather

All Earth Goddess jewellery is designed and made in Australia. You will enjoy the most beautiful crystals from all over the world and you will know exactly where your crystal came from.

We use only the purest crystals, crafted into a beautiful and stylish shape.

All Earth Goddess crystals are guaranteed not to have been dyed and are all shaped by hand.

We understand that you appreciate quality, so we only use premium quality leather and fine sterling silver findings for our necklaces.

Everything has a purpose

At Earth Goddess everything has a meaning or purpose - from the shape of the stones to the colours selected for the packaging.

Since time immemorial the triangle has been a powerful symbol.  The triangle is a symbol of pure thought in sacred geometry.  All of our crystals are shaped into a beautiful voluptuous triangular shape, promoting bountifully pure thought and energy

The leather necklace is a double strand that reminds us of the illusion of duality.  Earth Goddess has a range of beautifully coloured leather - brick red, dusty pink, copper, emerald green and dark purple.

Personalised length

It is important that your necklace be exactly the right length for you.  As far as we know, Earth Goddess is the only place where you can get your necklace length personalised.  So when you order your necklace, we will help you find just the right length for you, your partner and children.

Our unique range of necklace lengths and colours enables you to turn your beautiful healing crystal into an equally beautiful fashion accessory.  Healing can look beautiful!