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Earth Goddess
Earth Goddess
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Green Quartz

Price: $60.00

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Green Quartz is a Love crystal. Each Earth Goddess Green Quartz crystal has been blessed with love, light and happiness. This beautiful stone will work with you to feel happier, dispel negative energies and appreciate all the great things in your life.

Cord Colours

Choose from our range of beautifully coloured double stranded leather necklaces made from premium quality leather.

Colours include Copper, Dark Purple, Emerald Green, Brick Red and Dusty Pink.

cord colours
Note - colours may vary depending on your monitor settings.

What is the best "Necklace Length" for you?

It is important that your necklace be exactly the right length for you.  As far as we know, Earth Goddess is the only place where you can get your necklace length personalised.

It just takes a few moments for us to help you find just the right necklace length for you.  All it requires is that you get a measuring tape and measure your neck size.  Then input your neck size and we will provide you with the right length.

Click here to find out your recommended personal necklace length.

Otherwise, the average necklace length for men is 48 cms.


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