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Adding an RSS Feed to your iGoogle homepage

Tuesday, 27 October 2009 20:45

I have recently learnt how to add an RSS feed to my iGoogle homepage and thought it would be useful to put these instructions here in case you are interesting in getting updates on my blog posts.

I am not very technologically savvy, unlike my little sister who loves the latest technology.  She has an iPod and I am still not quite sure what that is but I do know that it is her phone and she also plays music out of it and she can look at the internet and check her emails.  A bit too advanced for me but I am slowly getting to use things like Facebook and my iGoogle home page.

There are so many free applications these days that can help you to organise the information you can get on the web.  A while ago I got my iGoogle home page.  It is free and very easy to do.  You just go to and follow the prompts for iGoogle.

You can put lots of gadgets on your iGoogle homepage.  You can change the theme as well - my current one is called Summer Ocean and it looks beautiful and very serene.

My favourite gadget is called Current Moon Phase and as the name suggests it shows you where the moon is at, so you can see when a full moon is coming up.  Although going outside and looking at the moon is another possible way.  It does however remind me to get my crystals outside for a cleansing, so you might find it useful too.  Tonight it says that the moon is Waxing Gibbous and 63% of full.

On my iGoogle homepage I also have RSS feeds from various websites.  So what is an RSS feed?  RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  My understanding of what it does is that it automatically updates information from a website, rather than having to manually go to a website and check whether there is anything new.

So, for example, if you wanted to get updates of my latest blogs you would go to the RSS feed icon on My Blog page.  Then you log on to iGoogle and click on "Add stuff" which appears on the right hand side.  Then you click on "Add feed or gadget", which is on the left hand side.  You need to copy the URL that comes up when you click on the RSS feed, so for my blogs the URL is,com_bca-rss-syndicator/feed_id,1/ and you paste it in and click on "Add".  Then if you go back to your iGoogle homepage you should see the latest three blogs from my website.  It is pretty cool.

So if you have your favourite websites and you want a quicker and more organised way to check out the latest information on them, why not try using the RSS feed and putting it on your iGoogle homepage. 



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