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Fabulous First Aid Training

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 21:19

A few weeks ago I undertook first aid training with Lyn D'Sylva-Peck of TrainingSA and it was really great.  I love supporting South Australian small businesses and I wanted to share this one with you.

I have started my personal training business (more about that later) and needed to complete the Senior First Aid Course (now called Apply First Aid).  I was really keen to see if I could do the training within school hours but it was harder than I thought.

First aid training is such a great thing to do, especially for parents.  I was sure that someone would offer first aid training to cater for parents that need to pick their kids up from school.

However, all the usual providers, Red Cross and St Johns, only offered full day courses.  So I kept googling and then I finally found TrainingSA.  Lyn was absolutely fabulous.  She could do the training within school hours and offered both group sessions and one-on-one sessions.  I ended up going for the one-on-one session.

Lyn is very personable and friendly and she knows her stuff.  She tailored the session to my particular needs as a personal trainer and gave me lots of good ideas for stocking my first aid kit.  It was great to get the one-on-one attention and the cost was the same as what the other providers charge for group sessions.

Lyn is really passionate about the importance of first aid training for everyone and especially children.

So if you need to do first aid training I would thoroughly recommend Lyn.  The website is




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