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Life in 100 Words

Thursday, 17 February 2011 20:48

In November last year I was contacted by Rowena Keaveny, a visual artist from Ireland, about her on-line project called 100:WORDS.

Rowena had come across my blog and contacted me to see if I was interested in taking part in an on-line project she had recently started called 100:WORDS.  Her project examines and celebrates loss, love, life and the passing of time and asks people to describe the life they have experienced using 100 words or less.

Rowena has received submissions from all over the world - USA, Canada, Finland, Italy, France, the UK and of course, Australia.

She is hoping that there will be a publication and short film to accompany the project but this will be determined by the amount and type of submissions received.

Rowena is a visual artist with a number of exhibitions, awards and commissions to her name.  Work that she is involved with that I am particularly interested in is Anam Beo - an independent art organisation that has an arts in health program with older people.

I thought doing the 100 words would be a really difficult thing to do - how do you sum up your life in 100 words.  But it was amazing, it just flowed and it worked out to be exactly 100 words.  It took me about half an hour at the most and I sent it straight to her before I could over-analyse it.  Here it is, I am quite proud of it.  I have printed it out and put it up on my wall to remind me.














I loved doing the 100:WORDS and passed it on to other people that might be interested.  Only one person, a very dear friend, took up the challenge.

I can understand that it is quite an "exposing" thing to do.  But doing the 100:WORDS was a really powerful thing to do in so many ways.

Rowena sent me a thoughtful email with a heartfelt thank you for my submission, which was really heart warming too.  I so love how the internet can help us to connect with wonderful people from all over the world.

Doing the 100:WORDS was a brilliant thing to do and I would highly recommend it.  Rowena's website is

Reading my 100:WORDS again tonight, I wouldn't change a word; it feels so right.  And I am happily spinning in my vortex with the pure joy of it.  I so love being a mum and I am now discovering and exploring more and more what it means to be an earth goddess - my earth goddess work is calling me strongly at the moment and a big part of that work is dance, but I will leave that for another blog.

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