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My NYR - Keep an Open Mind

Friday, 15 January 2010 19:42

christmas_tree.jpgMay your holidays be filled with music ... And your heart be filled with love.       2010 is going to be a great year.  My New Year's Resolution is to keep an open mind.  This should be interesting.

I do not usually read horoscopes but Herby was flicking through the paper and read out all our horoscopes for the year ahead.  The overriding theme for all seems to be change - I think there will be lots of changes ahead for all of us.

We had a quiet New Years Eve.  I do not usually get into the whole New Year's Resolution thing but this year it felt important to acknowledge the new year and think a bit about what lies ahead.  Then these words hit me - keep an open mind.  I do not really know where it came from.

I have always thought that I had a pretty open mind.  Another illusion crushed.  I have to admit that sometimes it can be embarrassing to realise how rigid I am in my thinking.

I had read a while ago that spiritual understanding is really about opening up to new ways of looking at life.  This struck me as a refreshing way to look at it and also not so intimidating.

So that is my mantra for this year.  And of course the words "Keep an Open Mind" are now also on my fridge.  It should make for an interesting year.  I have been exploring a few new things lately and there is obviously more to come.

family_tree.jpgI would to like to share with you a lovely little ritual we did this year for Christmas.  Our Christmas tree was a little plastic thing with fibre optic lights that had seen better days.  So Luke and I decided to go the local garden shop and buy a real tree.  We ended up getting a pencil pine (Luke's favourite tree).  Of course he had to pick the scraggliest tree they had - but he would not budge - so home it came.

We made up some lovely crystal decorations for the tree.  Mostly clear quartz.  Our Christmas tree looked so beautiful and it was so nice to have a real tree.

Then on New Years Day we planted it in our front yard.  It is our family tree.  The crystal decorations are still on and it still looks beautiful.

We will definitely get a real tree again next year - what about you?


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