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What is a Mandala?

Friday, 27 March 2009 12:33

In my book, Doing It with Love! I briefly describe my introduction to mandalas as a way of illustrating how people and things can help you along your journey.

A couple of years ago I was drawn to a stall at the Rundle Street market in Adelaide.  It was Margie's Mandalas.  Margie is a wonderful woman who creates really special mandalas - the word "pure" always comes to mind when I think of her mandalas.  Margie creates mandalas for all sorts of specific things as well as personal mandalas just for you.

I had heard of mandalas before but I did not really know much about them.  It is kind of like portals - you have heard of them and think you know what they are but if someone was to ask you to describe them you would be stuck.  However, if someone was talking about them, you could nod knowingly and seem to know exactly what they are.

Here is Margie's definition from her website

"A mandala is a geometric design within a circle.  ... They can provide a focus for healing and personal growth."

They do not seem to originate from any particular culture but have been seen in all cultures.  Symmetrical patterns are found in all living things - as beautifully demonstrated by Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man - and we are drawn to this sacred geometry as we are affected by colour.

Margie created a personal mandala for me right then and there and I fell in love with it instantly.  You can meditate on your mandala or just have it sitting on your bedside table.  I then got one for my son, Luke - I was immediately struck by the purity of his mandala.  I have since got some mandalas for my nephew (while he was still in my sister's tummy) and for a friend's newborn baby and all the children's ones are like that.  If we are having argy bargies, I sometimes tell Luke to go look at his mandala and breathe and it calms him down.  He sometimes tells me his favourite colours in his mandala.

I then got a mandala for my husband and it reminded me how beautiful he is.  I then got one for my business and then finally for my book cover.

I sound a bit like a mandala groupie don't I.  But seriously, I can't imagine being without my mandalas.  I just like having them around.

A while ago, I found a mandala colouring book from one of our favourite bookshops.  The book is called "Kids' Mandalas" by Sterling Publishing Co Inc.  We have spent some really nice time colouring in our mandalas and then using them as birthday cards for our friends.  We would use oil pastels and I was always amazed at how Luke would not hesitate when it came to selecting his colours.  He knew exactly what colours he wanted to use - it was so effortless - at times I think I let my head get in the way and would end up using so many different colours.  Whereas Luke would often use just one or two different colours and they would be beautiful.

Have a look at our Resources page in Fun Stuff as I will be putting some mandalas there that you can print off and colour.  In keeping with my philosophy that we can do things ourselves, I have created the mandalas myself.  I am definitely not very artistic so they are pretty simple.  Perhaps you might like to create one and send it in to us.  I am also hoping to get Margie to create some simple mandalas for us soon as well.

So if you have never tried mandalas, give them a try.  They are a great tool for relaxation, to learn more about yourself and of course, just for fun!


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