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You Can Heal Yourself

Friday, 22 May 2009 21:23

I established Earth Goddess because I wanted to bring crystal healing jewellery squarely into the mainstream market.  I passionately believe that we can all heal ourselves.  But lately I have been thinking 'what do I actually mean by healing?'.

Based on the premise that we can all heal ourselves, the Earth Goddess mission is to inspire you to heal yourself.

In my book, Doing It with Love!, I describe the events that led to the creation of Earth Goddess.  It all came about initially because for some reason, all of a sudden, I felt that I had to get a Rose Quartz crystal to wear as a necklace.  The thought kept persisting until I finally went to a crystal shop and bought one.  I also describe my journey with this beautiful crystal in my blog, Rose Quartz - Benefits.

I wore my Rose Quartz crystal continuously for about six months.  I now know that my beautiful Rose Quartz crystal helped to heal my heart.  I did not realise it at the time, it just made me feel good wearing it.  Then I kept thinking about getting a Green Quartz crystal and I could not find what I wanted anywhere.  Then I wanted to get a Clear Quartz crystal.  And so Earth Goddess was born and these crystals have become the Earth Goddess Essence Range.  As the name suggests, this range is about the essential or crucial elements in life.

Then I was so excited to get some Black Jade and not only is it from Australia but from South Australia.  Have I mentioned lately that the largest known deposit of high quality (nephrite) Jade in the world is located in South Australia?  So Black Jade became the first stone in the Earth Goddess Existential Range.

I wanted to use one word to represent the healing benefits of each Earth Goddess crystal:

Rose Quartz - LOVE - blessed with harmony and balance

Green Quartz - LOVE - blessed with love, light and happiness

Clear Quartz - CONFIDENCE - blessed with joy and prosperity

Black Jade - COURAGE - blessed with courage and strength of conviction

But what has love, confidence and courage got to do with healing?  So here we are back to the original question 'what do I actually mean by healing?'.

I was struggling a bit, so I went to the trusty dictionary which said 'to repair by natural processes'.  When I first think of healing, I think of when you are feeling sick, say with a cold, and then by either resting or taking medicine or any other method, you end up feeling better.  When we are feeling sick, we realise how important our health is and vow to never take our health for granted again and then we get well again and it happens so subtlely that we do not even notice the transition from feeling ill to feeling good again.  And then of course, we take our health for granted again.

Physical healing is important, but when I talk about healing it is more at the fundamental level of existence.  That is why the Essence Range is about Love.  We can all agree that we all need love - for us to feel good; to be happy.  But why confidence?  I come back to the same things - when we are confident, we feel good and we feel happy.  So these are the essential things we need to feel good and be happy.

And courage?  When we have the courage to follow our dreams - we are super happy and feel super good.

So healing to me is about feeling good and being happy.

I want to end with another wonderful story from the Anastasia series of books.  There are so many great nuggets in these books (Kin's Domain, Kin's Book, the power of thought and the power of imagery to name just a few) and Anastasia creates the most amazing images with her stories.

The story I want to share with you is called "Work out your own happiness" and it is from Book 3 entitled The Space of Love by Vladimir Megre.

It is very long, but I will try and capture the essence of it here.

"A poor little sickly girl had been abandoned by her mother when she was six months old.  Aniuta was abandoned to the care of her grandparents in a remote village in Russia.  The little girl had been spending her time sitting sick and helpless in a corner of a dirty hut, waiting for her mother to come.

Her grandparents kept assuring her that her mother would come and play with her and bring her presents.  They did this, thinking they were doing a good deed by lying.  In the meantime, her mother in the city went on a drinking binge to relieve her feeling of hopelessness.  The false assurances had condemned the girl to a state of fruitless expectancy.

One day Aniuta asked Anastasia if she would ask her heart to call to her mama's heart and have her mama come see her.  Even just for a day.

Anastasia looked at the girl and quietly stated a fact that must have been horrifying for the child.  She answered her as she would have an adult:

'Aniuta, dear, my heart is unable to call to your mama.  Your mama is far away in the city.  She tried to find happiness but did not find it.  She does not have a home of her own, she does not have any money to buy you gifts.  And unless she can bring you gifts she does not want to come and see you.  It is hard for her in the city.  But if she should come and see you, it will be even harder for her.  A visit with you would become a sad and tormenting experience.  It would be more difficult and frightening for her to see you so sickly and so poorly clothed.  She would see how the houses in your village are falling apart, and how dirty and shabby the house you live in is.  It would be all the more difficult since your mama no longer believes she can do anything good for you.  She simply does not believe it.  She feels she has tried everything and this is what fate has determined for her.  She has given into the very hopelessness she has imagined for herself.'

Little Aniuta listened to the terrible truth, and her little body trembled.  After letting her cry, Anastasia began talking to her again.

'I know you love your mama.'  I do love my poor dear mamochka', the girl replied.

'Then you make your mama happy.  You are the only one, the only one in all the world who can make her happy.  It is very simple.  You become healthy and strong and learn how to sing.  You will be a singer.  Your marvellous, pure voice will sing together with your heart.  Your mama may meet you in 20 years, and seeing you will make her very happy.  Or your mama may come to see you next summer.  By that time you should already be healthy and strong.  To welcome her.  Get some presents ready for your mama.  Show her how strong and beautiful you are, and you will make your mama very happy, and your meeting with her will be a joyful one indeed.'

Little Aniuta's whole mind and life changed.

A while later a man visiting the village reported how Aniuta was going.  Aniuta had worked for a week cleaning the hut until it was spic and span, resting when she needed to.  Then she started fixing the sidewalk in front of all the houses in the little village.  Then she had decided that all the huts needed freshening up.  She gets up early every morning and catches some fish and exchanges them for paint and other things from passing steamships.

When this man meets her again, he is amazed.  Her cheeks are a rosy red and her little eyes are sparkling with determination.  These, together with the hint of a smile on her face, made her virtually unrecognisable in comparison with the sickly sallow-skinned little girl he had met earlier.

With the fish she has caught, she has also bought some fabric, a pearl necklace and a shawl as presents for her mama.  Aniuta says 'I don't want mama to be upset that she can't give me any presents.  I can buy everything for her now myself.  I don't want her to think she's been wasting her life.'

Aniuta has transformed herself from an utterly helpless, pitiful little girl. waiting for somebody else to help her, into an active, self-confident individual.  And happy!"

Have I answered the question?  As well as I can for the time being.

So we can all heal ourselves.  It is not mystical or wishy washy - it is quite practical and simple.


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