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Excerpt Two - Everyone Does It!

I have always thought, until recently, that being spiritual meant that you were somehow spiritually gifted and had visions or heard things clearly.  That is not true.  Everyone does it - just differently, that is all.  For some people it is really obvious.  I was always waiting for some big dramatic event that would somehow signify that I was spiritual.  For most people, it is more subtle.  But subtle does not mean less, it just means you need to be more aware of it; it is not right in your face.  I have found that for me it is about trusting my feelings and the thoughts that pop into my head.  If they are persistent, I should pay attention.

Some people are very visual.  I have tried visualisation and just thought I could not do it and therefore I was not spiritual.  Some people are so visual that to them it is like watching a movie on a big screen.  However, when I closed my eyes and tried to visualise being on a beach somewhere, it was just black.  But you can still get the feeling, even if you cannot see anything.

When I first heard of auras, I so wanted to be able to see them.  I thought it worked like this - your first subject was Spiritual 101 and that is when you would be able to see auras.  Then once you became more spiritual you might see other visions and so on.  But it does not work like that.  Some people see auras and some do not.  It does not mean you are any less spiritual.  However, it is a skill that can be developed, but if it is not one of those things you do naturally, you need to practice.

So just to repeat it again - everyone does it.  It just depends on your level of awareness.  We can get messages from anywhere - the books we read, the television we watch, the music on the radio, signs that catch our eye while we are driving - you name it.

We all know when we are in the flow.  The aim is to stay in the flow as much as you can.

Three key words for me are awareness, intuition and integration.  If we can bring more awareness into our lives, trust our intuition and integrate all aspects of ourselves, our lives are transformed.  Or another way of saying it is:  wake up - listen - action.

So often we are living on automatic pilot and do not really question our current view of reality.  Our lives are so busy that we just do not have time to look inwards.  Why is it such hard work?  No-one can be more interested in who we are than ourselves, but it seems we are not really that interested either.

The old paradigm was that if you wanted to be spiritual you had to be a monk or a hermit somewhere up in the mountains.  This does not apply now and is only for a small percentage of people.  The exciting thing now is to integrate it into every part of your life.  The key is to bring it to everyday aspects of life.  I love the following quote from Sai Baba, "if you think you are enlightened, spend a week with your parents".  How down to earth - it makes me laugh.


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