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Excerpt One - Introduction

Writing this book has been an extremely interesting journey.  All my self doubt came to the fore.  Who did I think I was writing a book anyway?  I am just really starting on my journey.  But maybe that is where its power lies.  I am also a really private person and writing this book was such an intimate thing to do.  I have learnt many things over the last few years - dealing with death, grief and loss, finding out what is important to me.  I felt like I had to share what I have learnt.

My approach is really simple.  And I totally believe in action.  I have just come to realise that sometimes you can believe something wholeheartedly, but your actions might not actually align with that belief.  If so, it is just theoretical.  We can say that we love someone, but do your actions confirm this or not?  We can say that it is the journey, not the destination, that is important.  But do we act as if this is true or are we so busy striving that we forget to enjoy the moment.

I have come to realise that I am living in nirvana.  Once I realised this I felt quite foolish because here I was striving for something that I already had.  My life is so wonderful and I was not recognising it.

Over the last few years my life has been totally transformed but from the outside looking in it probably does not look much different.  One of the many paradoxes is that my life appears to be totally ordinary, but I have absolutely no doubt that I am living in nirvana.

Our life is totally what we make of it.  We have this amazing ability to create but we choose to limit ourselves in so many ways.

I am absolutely passionate about the fact that we can all heal ourselves.  Let us reclaim our power.


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