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Earth Goddess
Earth Goddess
P.O. Box 3704
Norwood SA 5067
Ph: 0412 758 800
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Here are some great links that you might find useful. - this is Belinda's website.  Her distance healings are amazing.  Belinda offers a range of services from belly dance classes, art therapy, pregnancy workshops and mother blessings. - this is Jane Bennett's website and is the place to go if you are interested in Dru Yoga and Fractology. - Michelle makes wonderful handmade gemstone jewellery.  You can also get customised healing jewellery that is made just for you. - this website is well worth looking at - I love the colours and the Chakradance book and CD are really great.  I talk about Chakradance in my blog Do you want to dance? - Margie is a wonderful woman who creates the most wonderful mandalas.  You can get personal mandalas, mandalas for your business, for children or even for your book cover, which I did for my book Doing It with Love! - this is my sister's, Suzi Prsa, website.  She is a life coach and has a wonderfully simple approach to setting goals and getting you on your way to making those little steps that can transform your life. - a wonderful website for anyone interested in colour.  I mention it in my blog on The Importance of Colour.  It is a beautiful site that looks at colour trends and colour palettes. - a great site that provides lots of information about colour including a newsletter that deals with specific colours.  I also mention this site in my blog on The Importance of Colour. - I will be doing a blog on my experience with Aura-Soma soon.  I also came across a wonderful book "The Aura-Soma Sourcebook - Colour Therapy for the Soul" by Mike Booth and Carol McKnight.  I instantly fell in love with these amazing bottles.  The photography in this book is absolutely captivating. - I came across this site after reading some of Joshua David Stone's books.  There is lots of free information on this site and you can enroll as a student if you feel drawn to. - James Arthur Ray first interested me as he has a business focus to spirituality. - if you like the photography on this site, it was done by Clay Glen of  Clay was really great to work with and his prices are very reasonable. - if you like the look of my website, it was created by Anthony Hall.  I love the look of my website and my logo.  It was important to me to get the colours right and I got just what I wanted.  Anthony has a unique blend of graphic design skills as well as the technical skills to create your website (he really does get excited talking about Joomla).  He is slow but if time is not an issue for you, he might be just the person for you.


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