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How to Buy

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On this page you can find simple instructions and hints on how to purchase your Earth Goddess products via our online ordering system.

First you will need to find the products that you would like to purchase. Click the "Products" link that is at the very top of the page, and this will take you to the main shop page.

You will see that there are 3 main categories - Women, Men and Children. Click on the picture of the category that you are interested in.

Also note that in the left hand margin there are also links to these same categories, as well as links to some other categories:
"My Book" - here you can purchase my book "Doing it With Love!" in both hard copy and digital (downloadable) version.
"Spare Leather Cords" - here you can purchase additional or spare leather cords for your Earth Goddess crystal necklaces.

Having clicked on a category, you can now see the range of products within that category.

To see more information about a product or to purchase it, click on its small image or its title. This will open a page that has the full product details, as well as purchasing options.

Purchasing Crystal Necklaces

It is very important to carefully select the options that are associated with each product that you want to order.

Cord Colour - select the colour you would like. If you would like additional cords, you can also purchase them separately.

Cord Size - Please read the information that is provided on how to select the best necklace length for you. If you know your neck size, you can enter it in the calculator to find the optimum necklace length for you. Otherwise just use the average length that is stated for either Women, Men or Children.

Having worked out the best necklace length for you, select the matching length in the "Necklace Length (cms)" drop-down selector.

With both your cord colour and size selected, you can now enter the quantity and then click the "Add to Basket" button.

The next screen that is displayed is your 'basket' - this summarises the products that you have placed in your basket, and from here you can either continue shopping, or proceed through the 'checkout' to finalise your order.

Presuming that you are ready to finalise your order, click the 'checkout' link. There are 3 places that the checkout link appears:

  1. The large link at the bottom of your basket.
  2. A small link that now appears near the top of the page, which is in an area that provides a brief summary of your basket
  3. In the left hand column under the menu group called "Account Information"

The Checkout Process - Creating an Account or Logging In

The first screen in the checkout process prompts you to either 'log-in' or provide your billing address. If you have previously created an account (or 'Registered') then you can enter your username and password, otherwise fill out the form to become a new customer.

Customer Information - this is basic information that enables you to log-in to the site. When you log-in you can check the status of your order/s and perform other functions - such as make comments in the blog.

Bill To Information - this is the information that will appear on your invoice. It does not neccesarily have to be the delivery details, but in most cases it will be.

Click "Send Registration" once all the details are filled in.

The next screen is where you enter your delivery information (and you may notice that you have been automatically logged-in). In most cases the Delivery Information will be the same as your Bill to Information, but if it needs to be different then there is a facility to change it.

Delivery Method - At the bottom of the page is "Delivery Method". If this does not appear for you, then you have previously entered a country to which we cannot deliver (sorry, we cant help you.) Otherwise there will be two options - one for Delivery, and one for Pick Up. Only choose Pick Up if you have made prior arrangements to do so.

The delivery is a flat fee. You can read more about the delivery options here.

GST (Tax) for Deliveries outside Australia

After you have confirmed your delivery details, if you live outside Australia then you may notice that the price of the order has changed. This is because we do not charge Australian Goods and Services Tax (GST) to non-Australian customers, and the cost of the order will be 10% less than was indicated in previous screens!

In Australia we are required to advertise all prices with GST included, but now that the system knows whether or not you are Australian, if you were to browse the products again (while logged-in), then you will notice that the displayed price is now correctly showing the price with or without the GST.

Payment Methods

.. to be continued.

You can read more about the payment options here.