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Earth Goddess
Earth Goddess
P.O. Box 3704
Norwood SA 5067
Ph: 0412 758 800

Welcome to Earth Goddess

Welcome to Earth Goddess - your source of empowering crystal healing jewellery that is modern and helps you feel great.

Our mission is to inspire you to heal yourself.

If you are seeking more love, light and happiness in your life, let us share the journey with you and support you with our uniquely crafted necklaces.

Essence Range

Are you after simplicity, power and clarity? Then try our Essence Range consisting of Rose Quartz, Green Quartz and Clear Quartz triangle shaped pendants on beautifully coloured double stranded leather necklaces.

Existential Range

When you are ready, try our Existential Range which includes amazing stones from all over the world, specially selected for their unique and exceptional properties. The first stone in the Existential Range is Black Jade from Australia. There will be more exciting additions in the months and years ahead, so make sure you sign up for the Earth Goddess newsletter to receive updates and insights.

Earth Goddess Community

As you explore this site you will discover lots of information on crystals, how to cleanse them and how to pick the crystal just right for you, as well as links to other great sites. Please subscribe to the Earth Goddess blog while you are here. The blog will cover a range of topics and ideas, such as building your own Kin's Domain to discovering the importance of colour.

Building a community is what Earth Goddess is about so why not join today so you can connect with other people who are equally passionate about healing themselves and transforming their lives.

Doing It with Love!

There is one other resource on this site I am hoping you will enjoy, and it is my book,    Doing It with Love! by Mary Marko. I hope you will find it to be a thought provoking book which challenges outdated ideas about what being spiritual is. It describes my "journey to nirvana" and sets out practical actions to transform your life.


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