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Earth Goddess

Kathryn Douglas

10 Year Plan

I’ve never been one to boast or talk about myself I’m more about Actions Speak Louder Than Words!

I could spend hours telling you why I went down this Path and my experiences but that’s not who I am!

I see a problem and i want to be apart of the Solution not just talk about the problem..

We have such a serious lack of help for Teens in bad situation & the struggle to survive is real!

They need Safety to grow and succeed in life and they just don’t have that when they are living each day scared for their safety, hungry or homeless…

We have Ex Service Men & Women coming home to face a bigger killer than the war they just served in, Suicide !

We Have Women & Children Killed in Domestic Violence situations nearly every week.

I’m Done talking, crying and hoping people will do something about it so again I go back to ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS I’ve made a plan to help! I’m not rich but I have a big heart and I’m stubborn as hell when I put my mind to something…

Stage 1

*Starting ONLINE moving to a Shop Front Selling a variety of items that really speak to my heart, Old Style Apothecary Vibes with a Modern Day Twist!

Boosting Confidence in tune with Mother Nature **Practical Magic Style Shop**

*Ethical Omnivore

Stage 2


Stage 3


*Disconnect from Tech / Reconnect with YOURSELF!

*Helping hand to those in need

*Trained people on site to get everyone the support services they need

*Employment at the Retreat/Shop if they want it

*A stepping stone to help rebuild

*Help to get new training to help them find work

*Street Kids – Support to get them back to school/Finish school in a safe environment

Stage 4


Stage 5


*A team of qualified people to help people Escaping Domestic Violence

*Ex Service Men/Women to protect people escaping

*Trained people giving the support needed

*Direct Line to DV Shelters

What Our Clients Say
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