Witches Cleanse Magickal Bath Soak

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It sounds like a lovely ritual for a full moon body cleanse using ancient witchcraft and manifesting herbs. The combination of cleansing your crystals, brewing moon water, and indulging in a bath soak with mugwort, wormwood, sage, and Himalayan salt can create a soothing and purifying experience.

Mugwort and wormwood are both herbs commonly associated with rituals and spiritual practices. They are believed to have protective and cleansing properties, and can help in enhancing psychic abilities and promoting relaxation. Sage is often used for purification and clearing negative energies. Himalayan salt is known for its mineral-rich composition and is often used in bath rituals to cleanse and detoxify the body.

By lighting candles in positive colours and burning incense, you can further create a serene and sacred atmosphere for your ritual. The scent of the incense can add to the sensory experience and enhance the overall ambiance.

As you soak in the bath with the witches cleanse bath soak, you can focus on releasing any negative energies, purifying your body and mind, and setting positive intentions for the full moon. Allow yourself to relax fully and let the properties of the herbs and salt work their magic.

Remember, rituals and practices like these can be personal and deeply meaningful. Feel free to adapt and modify them to suit your preferences and beliefs. Enjoy your full moon body cleanse and may it bring you peace and renewed energy.


plain Himalayan salt

mugwort, wormwood, sage and eyesbright (blended)

**contains sage not advised for pregnant woman to bath with ***

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Magickal Bath Soaks

This range is the range for pure relaxation if you’re a bath lover! who, doesn’t love to lay, relax or meditate while bathing, with the use of elements of the earth mixed with the water element, it truly is an amazing treat and can be very relaxing and revitalising!

So one of our behind the scenes creators has been hard at work researching and  created the perfect range of magickal bath soak blend’s combining Himalayan bath salt, organically sourced or hand-picked flowers and herbs that are beneficial to our bodies, our minds and our souls!

The universes frequencies are an amazing bunch of elements, so our creator has even added meditation to their creation imbuing some of the magickal bath soaks range with solfeggio frequency’s for a more unique relaxation experience.

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