Magickal Love Spell bath soak

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Rose petals have long been associated with love and self-care, and their aroma can create a calming and soothing environment. Himalayan bath grade salt is known for its numerous benefits, such as promoting detoxification, soothing sore muscles, and improving skin health.

Tuning the soak with the love frequency of 432 Hz adds another layer of positive energy to the experience. Some believe that this frequency can harmonize with the vibrations of the universe and promote a sense of well-being and emotional healing.

Creating a special meditation garden in your mind can be a powerful visualization technique to enhance relaxation and self-reflection during the soak. This peaceful environment allows you to focus on self-love and nurturing your inner self.

Overall, your self-love spell soak combines various elements to create a calming, rejuvenating, and self-affirming experience. Remember to set aside dedicated time for self-care and allow yourself to fully enjoy the benefits of this ritual.


plain Himalayan salt

Organic Hand picked rose buds and petals ( grown in Tasmania, Australia )

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Magickal Bath Soaks

This range is the range for pure relaxation if you’re a bath lover! who, doesn’t love to lay, relax or meditate while bathing, with the use of elements of the earth mixed with the water element, it truly is an amazing treat and can be very relaxing and revitalising!

So one of our behind the scenes creators has been hard at work researching and  created the perfect range of magickal bath soak blend’s combining Himalayan bath salt, organically sourced or hand-picked flowers and herbs that are beneficial to our bodies, our minds and our souls!

The universes frequencies are an amazing bunch of elements, so our creator has even added meditation to their creation imbuing some of the magickal bath soaks range with solfeggio frequency’s for a more unique relaxation experience.

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